Lilies: Floramour Book

By Ingram

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A brand-new addition to the Floramour series is Floramour: Lilies. In this outstanding book of photographs, the author Till Hägele presents the varied beauty of this ornamental flower in an unprecedented way. For centuries, the lily has been cultivated in the most diverse cultures. Today, therefore, it appears in an almost unsurpassed splendor of color and diversity of species. Throughout cultural history, the wonderful lily has not only exerted an optical fascination on people; since time immemorial it has also been an integral part of festivals and religious customs as a floral symbol. In ancient Greece, for example, it was the flower of Hera, the companion of the goddess of the gods, and in Hinduism it also occupies a central place in the world of the gods. In Christianity it stands for the purity and virginity of Mary and is a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. This beautifully designed coffee-table book Floramour: Lilies contains unique photographs as well as sketches and a lot of background knowledge about this aesthetic beauty of nature. Floramour: Lilies is a special gift for all flower lovers. Anyone who has always wanted to know everything about their favorite flower is well placed with this comprehensive book from the Floramour series. Whether as personal inspiration or simply for your own enjoyment, anyone who loves lilies simply must own this coffee-table book. Text in English and German.