Succulents: Floramour Book

By Ingram

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There is probably hardly a more undemanding plant in nature that presents itself more cutely and prettily than succulents. Fans of this diverse species go into raptures at the sight of them and there are said to be people who decorate their entire garden with the fleshy flowers. Others use them to decorate interiors. They grow on any kind of surface; no matter whether stone, gravel. or soil, succulents find their way almost anywhere. In the beautiful book Floramour: Succulents, author Anja Klaffenbach pays homage to these little survivalists of the fauna. With wonderful pictures, she draws a unique portrait of this plant genus that makes the heart of every lover beat faster. In addition, Anja provides entertaining background information on the robust ornamental plant, packed in entertaining texts. For example, she enlightens her readers that the secret of the plant's almost indestructible character lies in its ability to store water in its stems and leaves. This makes succulents the secret star in the flower bed during hot summer periods when their flowering colleagues have long since hung their heads. Known to us only as floral decorations, succulents are a symbol of wealth in Asian and Indian culture and are sometimes used in traditional medicine. The high-quality coffee table book Floramour: Succulents is an exceptionally lovingly designed book that brings these minimalist garden inhabitants into the full limelight. Text in English and German.